Cryptocurrencies March 30, 2019

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Indian Street Protests for Cryptocurrency

CointelegraphMar. 29, 2019
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) ordered financial institutions to stop dealing with cryptocurrency businesses last year, with a ban coming into effect on July 5.
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Weiss Ratings releases cryptocurrency ratings for March 2019

FXStreetMar. 27, 2019
Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings released the March 2019 edition of the “Weiss Cryptocurrency Outlook” report, where they rated 122 cryptocurrencies. Weiss …
Annual Outlook for Cryptocurrency Industry Reveals Cryptos Most …
Highly CitedPRNewswire (press release)Mar. 26, 2019

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Bitrefill Now Lets You Pay for Airbnb Rentals With 5 Cryptocurrencies

CoinDeskMar. 28, 2019
Cryptocurrency gift card provider Bitrefill has added a service allowing users to book Airbnb rentals with five cryptocurrencies. The Sweden-based firm …
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What Is Cryptocurrency?

Live ScienceMar. 27, 2019
Cryptocurrencies have roots at the fringes of society. They’ve infamously been sought as ransom payment or used to make illegal purchases because …
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Breaking: Japan’s Biggest Railway Plans to Accept Cryptocurrency …

CCNMar. 29, 2019
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Tor Digital Privacy Project Accepts Donations in Cryptocurrency

CointelegraphMar. 24, 2019
The site now accepts nine major cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash (DASH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR), …
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Flaws in Bitcoin make a lasting revival unlikely

The EconomistMar. 27, 2019
While the price was soaring, big financial institutions such as Barclays and Goldman Sachs flirted with opening cryptocurrency-trading desks. Brokerages sent …
The Impact of Cryptocurrency on the World
Coindoo (press release) (blog)Mar. 28, 2019

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Microsoft’s Bing Blocked Over Five Million Cryptocurrency-Related …

CointelegraphMar. 25, 2019
Microsoft-owned search engine and advertisement platform Bing noted that it blocked over five million cryptocurrency-related ads last year in its “Ad quality year …
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Indian cryptocurrency exchange, Coindelta shuts down operations …

AMBCryptoMar. 30, 2019
The lack of regulatory clarity on cryptocurrencies and the ban on cryptocurrencytransactions by India’s Reserve Bank of India led to one of the country’s most …
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Iran integrates cryptocurrencies to its tourism sector

FXStreetMar. 25, 2019
In more evidence of Iran’s softened stance towards cryptocurrencies when it comes to tourism, it was also noted that during the 12th Tehran International …