Autonomous Cars June 8, 2019

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Human Drivers Bullying Self-Driving Cars: Unlawful Or Fair Game?

ForbesJun. 4, 2019
They assert that we need to nip this “new” human driving behavior in the bud, involving untoward actions aimed at autonomous cars, doing so now, before it …
Global Autonomous Cars Market Growth 2019 – Amazon, Delorme …
Global Industry Analysis (press release) (blog)Jun. 3, 2019

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Self-Driving Cars Are Already Here

ForbesJun. 5, 2019
Southern California, like many parts of the country, has terrible traffic. With almost 13 million Californians driving alone into work each day, it’s no wonder. When I …
Tesla’s horror year continues
Tweed Daily News (press release)Jun. 2, 2019
Tesla’s Travails: Curfew for a Corporate Teenager?
In-DepthMoneycontrol.comJun. 4, 2019

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Apple is reportedly looking to buy robotaxi start-up

CNBCJun. 6, 2019
But Apple’s own autonomous vehicle group has recently undergone a large restructuring. CNBC reported in January that Apple dismissed more than 200 …

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This Company Could Crush Elon Musk’s Tesla Robotaxi Dream

Motley FoolJun. 8, 2019
Tesla was supposed to put a fully self-driving vehicle on the road by 2017. It missed that deadline, and don’t be surprised to see it missing the next one as well …

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Somebody’s watching you: The surveillance of self-driving cars

Science DailyJun. 7, 2019
Self-driving cars will represent a new mode for surveillance. Through a self-driving car’s global positioning, system, navigational tools, and other data collection …

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How Self-Driving Cars Work – A Simple Overview

Emerj (blog)Jun. 3, 2019
Level 3: Autonomous vehicles that fall under this category allow the driver to perform other tasks (like texting or watching a movie) while the system takes control …

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Driverless cars: once they’re on the road, human drivers should be …

The Conversation UKJun. 6, 2019
Self-driving cars could revolutionise people’s lives. By the end of the next decade, or perhaps even sooner, they could radically transform public spaces and …

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Poll Finds Americans Are Divided on Self-Driving Cars

U.S. News & World ReportJun. 6, 2019
While some have major concerns over the safety and liability issues surrounding autonomous vehicles, others note the potential benefits and see the vehicles as …

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Avinew, the Insurtech Company for the Age of Autonomous Vehicles …

GlobeNewswire (press release)Jun. 4, 2019
Avinew, the Insurtech company reinventing auto insurance for the age of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, is announcing it is acquiring Betterdrive, …

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Bans On Facial Recognition Will Impact Self-Driving Cars …

ForbesJun. 6, 2019
Recent headlines have made well-known the ban that San Francisco has enacted on facial recognition within its borders, becoming the first major city to take …