Autonomous Cars April 13, 2019

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Uber expects a long wait before self-driving cars dominate

VentureBeatApr. 8, 2019
(Reuters) — Uber expects it will be a long time before one of its biggest investments, self-driving cars, is ready for wide-scale deployment, a senior scientist said …
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Driving autonomous vehicles forward with intelligent infrastructure

SmartCitiesWorld20 hours ago
To butcher a quote from the great science fiction writer William Gibson, “Autonomous vehicles are already here – they’re just not very evenly distributed.” In other …
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Tysons-based DXC Technology will help BMW with self-driving cars

WTOPApr. 8, 2019
DXC Technology has signed an agreement with German luxury car maker BMW to support its autonomous vehicle development. BMW’s test fleet of self-driving …
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Uber’s 250 autonomous cars have driven ‘millions’ of miles and …

VentureBeat16 hours ago
It’s chock full of interesting tidbits (like Uber’s ticker symbol, “UBER”), but one section that stands out is a progress report on its ongoing autonomous vehicle …
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Ford CEO Dials Back Expectations for Autonomous Cars Due to …

The Drive19 hours ago
Ford has been pretty bullish on self-driving cars, but the company’s boss is now trying to reign in expectations. CEO Jim Hackett, who previously ran Ford’s …
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Autonomous Vehicle Myths Debunked

Techopedia (press release)Apr. 9, 2019
Takeaway: It seems like self-driving cars are just around the corner (pun intended), but what can we really expect from autonomous vehicles? Are all of the …
Driverless Car Stocks to Buy As the Trend Gains Strength
Highly CitedInvestorplace.comApr. 10, 2019

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GM, BMW Back Blockchain Data Sharing For Self-Driving Cars

CoinDeskApr. 8, 2019
Car giants General Motors and BMW are backing blockchain tech as a way to share self-driving car data among themselves and other automakers. It’s all part of …
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Motoroids (blog)

The autonomous car revolution is here

Deccan ChronicleApr. 7, 2019
Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report” nailed the driverless car technology way back in 2002 with its futuristic Lexus-designed auto-piloted car. In one of the …
How Do Self-Driving Cars Work?
Motoroids (blog)Apr. 8, 2019

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A user’s guide to self-driving cars

Phys.Org59 minutes ago
You may remember the cute Google self-driving car. In 2014, the tech giant announced their brand-new prototype of what the future of transportation might one …
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More motorists are ‘horrified’ by the idea of driverless cars – survey

Wheels24Apr. 8, 2019
Motorists are less enthusiastic than ever about the idea of driverless cars – with more than half of drivers saying the idea “horrifies” them. Newly released figures …