Autonomous Cars March 30, 2019

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Business Recorder

VW wants stake in Ford autonomous vehicles, will build Ford-based …

DrivingMar. 28, 2019
The conversations of unity began in June of 2018, centering at first on commercial vehicles but leading to further discussion about electric and autonomous cars …
VW signs contract with Ford for Amarok pickup successor
Highly CitedAutomotive News EuropeMar. 28, 2019

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Autonomous car learns to handle unknown conditions

Science DailyMar. 28, 2019
While current autonomous cars might rely on in-the-moment evaluations of their environment, the control system these researchers designed incorporates data …

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Before self-driving cars can get safer, they need to push their limits

Popular ScienceMar. 27, 2019
Self-driving cars are known for driving conservatively. After all, automakers and tech companies design autonomous vehicles to be textbook safe drivers, not …

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News Tech Markets

Startup Hires People to Remotely Drive Autonomous Cars

Interesting EngineeringMar. 28, 2019
Autonomous cars are definitely on their way. Once just a technology enjoyed in sci-fi films, driverless cars is here to stay. Though they still have some way to go …

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Crypto News Today

Self Driving Cars And Trucks – Global Market Outlook 2017-2026 …

Business Wire (press release)Mar. 27, 2019
Rising R & D expenditure in autonomous vehicle development, rising number of regulations, rising safety concerns and advancements in automotive …

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Daimler Trucks takes control of leading US self-driving tech group

Financial TimesMar. 29, 2019
Torc was spun out of the Virginia Tech university team that entered the 2004 Darpa Grand Challenge, the driverless car contest sponsored by the US defence …

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Dalal Street Investment Journal

Parts maker ZF Friedrichshafen positions for driverless cars with $7 …

ReutersMar. 28, 2019
FRANKFURT (Reuters) – German auto parts maker ZF Friedrichshafen has agreed to buy U.S. rival Wabco for over $7 billion, an acquisition it has long targeted …

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The News Wheel

Global $172.3 Bn Autonomous Vehicle Markets, 2019-2024: Long …

PRNewswire (press release)Mar. 27, 2019
The report provides global and regional forecasts for the autonomous vehiclemarket including hardware, software, and services along with emerging …

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Europe agrees raft of safety features to be baked into new vehicles

TechCrunchMar. 27, 2019
“All this should enhance public trust and acceptance of automated cars, supporting the transition towards autonomous driving,” the Commission suggests.
New cars to be fitted with speed limit devices
InternationalCoventry LiveMar. 27, 2019

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USC Viterbi School of Engineering

How to make self-driving cars safer on roads

EurekAlert (press release)Mar. 28, 2019
It’s a big question for many people in traffic-dense cities like Los Angeles: When will self-driving cars arrive? But following a series of high-profile accidents in the …