Autonomous Cars March 2, 2019

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BMW and Daimler team up on cars of the future to fend off Silicon Valley

CNNFeb. 28, 2019
The companies, which compete hard in the lucrative luxury car market, on … a strategic partnership focused on highly-automated and autonomous driving.
Why are more and more car companies teaming up?
In-DepthBBC NewsFeb. 27, 2019

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Germany to invest €58 billion in electric, autonomous cars

Deutsche WelleMar. 2, 2019
Germany’s automotive industry is planning an aggressive investment in electric and autonomous cars, along with digitization, the president of the Verband der …

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Tesla’s promise of ‘full-self-driving’ angers autonomous vehicle experts

CNNMar. 2, 2019
Washington, DC (CNN Business) Tesla is selling its cars with the option of “full self-driving capability,” a feature that’s drawing criticism from experts on …

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BMW, Daimler sign strategic partnership for the development of …

Business ReviewFeb. 28, 2019
The high development costs for self-driving cars have led others to set up partnerships as well. Honda and General Motors as well as Ford and Volkswagen …
Axios Autonomous Vehicles
AxiosMar. 1, 2019

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This could be the next step towards the autonomous car

The New DailyFeb. 25, 2019
But while truly autonomous cars are still years away from our highways, AEB is becoming increasingly common as a key automotive safety aid that can save …

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Singapore wants self-driving cars to help its aging society

CNNFeb. 26, 2019
Made by startup MooVita, it’s one of dozens of autonomous vehicles being put to the test at a special center in Singapore that aims to advance the development …

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Ford, VW continue talking; doubt raised that agreement is near on self …

Detroit Free PressFeb. 27, 2019
Despite a report that Volkswagen plans to invest $1.7 billion in Ford’s autonomous vehicle partner, a person close to the negotiations tells the Free Press that the …

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VW may pour $1.7 billion into Ford’s self-driving car venture

EngadgetFeb. 26, 2019
VW and Ford may be serious about partnering on self-driving cars. Wall Street Journal sources claim VW has tentatively agreed to invest a total of $1.7 billion in …
VW to Invest Nearly $2 Billion in Ford Self-Driving Car Venture
Highly CitedWall Street JournalFeb. 26, 2019

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Toyota experiment uses cameras to create city maps for self-driving cars

EngadgetFeb. 28, 2019
Self-driving cars usually benefit from having detailed road maps, but creating those maps can be agonizingly slow when it requires cars loaded with exotic …

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We’ll have to wait before autonomous vehicles are mainstream, CEO …

CNBCFeb. 26, 2019
It’s going to be “a while” before self-driving cars become mainstream, the CEO of Arm … of technology has led to several trial runs of autonomous vehicles.