Autonomous Cars January 5, 2019

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GM and DoorDash to deliver food in self-driving cars

CNNJan. 4, 2019
(CNN Business) Some year soon, the late-night food delivery from your local restaurant might arrive at your front door without the delivery guy. General Motors’ …
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Don’t Throw Rocks At The Google Self-Driving Cars

ForbesJan. 2, 2019
On the heels of a December investigative report by the Arizona Republic on the backlash to Waymo’s self-driving vehicles, The New York Times recently …
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Toyota’s self-driving cars can now fit more junk in their trunks

The VergeJan. 3, 2019
Toyota, the world’s largest automaker, will once again unveil the latest iteration of its self-driving test vehicle at CES in Las Vegas next week. The TRI-P4 test car …
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Self-Driving Cars Keep Tapping the Brakes

BloombergDec. 31, 2018
In December, Waymo LLC, the leading driverlesscar company, brought out the world’s first commercial robo-taxi service. But for now, the service is only …
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DoorDash Begins Testing Self-Driving Cars For Food Delivery In SF

CBS San FranciscoJan. 5, 2019
The San Francisco-based company is teaming up with General Motors to test food delivery using autonomous vehicles. Auto giant GM has been developing …
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Baraja raises $32 million for autonomous vehicle lidar with prism-like …

VentureBeatJan. 3, 2019
Founded out of Sydney, Australia, in 2015, Baraja is one of a number of lidar startups targeting the burgeoning driverless car industry with the necessary smarts …
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Fresh Air Weekend: ‘Vice’ Filmmaker Adam McKay; Driverless Cars

WFAEJan. 5, 2019
The Revolution Will Be Driverless: Autonomous Cars Usher In Big Changes: Driverless vehicles could be the “most disruptive technology to hit society …
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‘Pull into a secure location’: Here’s what Waymo tells autonomous car …

Business Insider NordicJan. 3, 2019
There have been at least 21 incidents in Arizona over the past two years where police were notified because of people attacking Waymo vehicles or threatening …
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Paving the way for self-driving cars

Harvard GazetteJan. 3, 2019
The day will come, if it hasn’t already, when you’ll be riding down the road, glance to the side, and see a car motoring along with no driver. Autonomous vehicles …
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The hype around driverless cars came crashing down in 2018

Ars TechnicaDec. 30, 2018
Driverless cars seemed to reach peak hype some time in late 2017. Then in 2018, the industry plunged into the trough of disillusionment, with some people …