Autonomous Cars November 17, 2018

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VW wants to be the most profitable electric car company in the world

CNBCNov. 16, 2018
Volkswagen announced it’s to spend 44 billion euros ($50 billion) on new plants, electric carsautonomous driving and mobility services. The war chest is to be …
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Ford’s Autonomous Cars Will Whisk Walmart Deliveries to Doorsteps

BloombergNov. 14, 2018
As self-driving cars come closer to reality, automakers and tech giants are increasingly viewing driverless deliveries as even more lucrative than the robo-taxis …
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Here’s how Ford’s autonomous vehicles will shake up ride hailing and …

CNBCNov. 15, 2018
Ford is road testing its autonomous vehicles in partnership with the city of Miami, as the legacy automaker hopes to capitalize on the emerging technology in …
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Waymo CEO: Autonomous cars won’t ever be able to drive in all …

CNETNov. 13, 2018
It’ll be decades before autonomous cars are widespread on the roads — and even then, they won’t be able to drive themselves in certain conditions, the chief …
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Self-driving cars will be for sex, scientists say

Fast CompanyNov. 12, 2018
Self-driving cars will change the way we travel and work. But according to researchers studying the potential implications of autonomous vehicles (AVs), they …
People are going to sell sex in driverless cars, researchers say
Highly CitedWashington PostNov. 12, 2018

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Driverless cars will lead to more sex on the road, study says

NBCNews.comNov. 15, 2018
Driverless cars will have a transformative impact on the future, shaking up certain industries and changing the way people live and work. They’re also going to …
When will self-driving cars take over?
OpinionThe Week MagazineNov. 17, 2018

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Volkswagen to spend 44 billion euros on ‘electric offensive’

The Local GermanyNov. 17, 2018
Over the coming five years, VW said it aims to spend “almost 44 billion euros” on electric, self-driving and connected cars as well as mobility services like car …
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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak: ‘I do not believe in auto driving cars …

CNBCNov. 13, 2018
Technologist Steve Wozniak told CNBC on Tuesday he had once hoped that Apple would build the first self-driving car. But the Apple co-founder said, “I do not …
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‘Red-light district on the move’: Self-driving cars open up a whole …

Business InsiderNov. 13, 2018
Once fully self-driving cars are prevalent, the time we used to spend driving can be filled with other activities. Researchers from the Universities of Surrey and …
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Autonomous Vehicles could be huge for small businesses

AxiosNov. 16, 2018
While Ford’s autonomous vehicles are learning to drive on Miami’s bustling streets, the company is simultaneously mapping out a business strategy for the …
Ford emboldens its robotic rides
In-DepthThe Star OnlineNov. 15, 2018

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AdaSky raises $20 million to build far-infrared sensor for autonomous …

VentureBeatNov. 15, 2018
AdaSky raises $20 million to build far-infrared sensor for autonomous cars … the first far-infrared (FIR) thermal cameras explicitly designed for driverless cars.
AdaSky Adds $20M from Lead Investor, South Korean Automotive …
Associated Press (press release) (blog)Nov. 15, 2018

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Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Doesn’t Believe in Self-Driving Cars

The DriveNov. 14, 2018
Apple’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak, doesn’t think self-driving cars are possible to implement in the near future—his ideas seem to stem from personal frustrations …
Apple Co-Founder Has Doubts About Self-Driving Cars
GM Authority (blog)Nov. 14, 2018

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VW CEO says Waymo has 1-2 yr headstart in autonomous cars

ReutersNov. 17, 2018
FRANKFURT, Nov 18 (Reuters) – Volkwagen, Europe’s largest carmaker, is up to two years of development work behind Alphabet Inc’s Waymo in the area of …
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Autonomous Cars Should Be Ready for Snow Just in Time for Global …

JalopnikNov. 14, 2018
John Krafcik, CEO of Google’s self-driving car arm Waymo, said this week that it will take decades for autonomous cars to be ready to drive in snow and winter.
Waymo is launching nation’s first robotaxi service in the next 2 months
Silicon Valley Business JournalNov. 14, 2018

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How soon for autonomous? Study gives latest guess

Auto Service WorldNov. 14, 2018
Vehicles with at least one autonomous feature are expected to dominate the roads in the next few years. Global Market Insights, Inc. recently forecasted that the …
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Ford open to working with foreign rivals on driverless cars

Financial TimesNov. 10, 2018
Ford is open to working with other carmakers to expand self-driving services internationally, the head of the carmaker’s autonomous vehicles business said, …
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Ward’s Auto

Letter From The UK: The Rejection of Autonomous Cars (blog)Nov. 14, 2018
Some car makers are claiming they will have autonomous cars on the road by 2020. Perhaps for controlled testing, but otherwise no they won’t, for various …
Cars Could Become Timeshares of the Future
Ward’s AutoNov. 14, 2018

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Waymo and Mothers Against Drunk Driving team up to show how self …

Business InsiderNov. 16, 2018
Alphabet’s autonomousvehicle division Waymo is aiming to launch a fully driverless service in several US cities in 2019, and to prepare for the designated …
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First self-driving cars coming to Israeli roads in 2019

ISRAEL21cNov. 10, 2018
Self-driving cars in the Holy Land may hit the roads as early as 2019, as three major players announced plans to develop Israel’s first ride-hailing service using …
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2025AD (blog)

Jostling for the Driver’s Seat

U.S. News & World ReportNov. 12, 2018
Uber could soon resume testing its self-driving cars on the streets of Pittsburgh, eight months after one of its autonomous vehicles killed a pedestrian in Arizona.
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The 6 Levels of Autonomous Driving and The Future of Autonomous …

Interesting EngineeringNov. 12, 2018
Baidu’s President, Ya-Qin Zhang, and Swedish auto manufacturer Volvo Cars CEO, Håkan Samuelsson discussed their partnership , autonomous driving, and …
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Matthew Abraham: Why is the government fixated with driverless cars …

The AdvertiserNov. 16, 2018
It pays to exercise a little discretion when striking up a conversation with a supermarket checkout person. They might be having a bad day, especially if they’re …
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What’s Happening With Apple’s Mysterious Car Project?

Motley FoolNov. 17, 2018
The first admission that the company was likely working on an autonomous carproject came from Apple CEO Tim Cook when he told Bloomberg this in 2017:.

Self-Driving Cars Will Lead To More Highway Hanky Panky

Motor1.comNov. 16, 2018
There’s been plenty of physical and digital ink spent discussing how self-drivingcars will change society. There will likely be monumental shifts in the types of …

Volkswagen CEO says Waymo has one-two year headstart in …

Zee BusinessNov. 17, 2018
Volkswagen, Europe`s largest carmaker, is up to two years of development work behind Alphabet Inc`s Waymo in the area of self-driving cars but is committed to …

Top 5 things you’ll do in a self-driving car

CNETNov. 13, 2018
When carmakers show us the self-driving future it always looks like utopian sci-fi, needing only Spock playing a lute in the back seat to be complete fantasy.

Why the Electric Car Revolution Will Start With China

JalopnikNov. 15, 2018
The Chinese car market is about 1.7 times as big as ours the last I checked, and there’s …. It’s interesting to see that the crunch on EVs and autonomous cars …

Autonomous taxis are coming to San Jose

StateScoopNov. 12, 2018
A new autonomous vehicle pilot project was announced last week through a partnership between the city of San Jose, Mercedes-Benz’s parent company …

A future without parking: The benefits of autonomous cars for cities

The Star OnlineNov. 10, 2018
Researchers at the University of Toronto in Canada have published a new study in which they look at ways that an increased use of self-driving cars could bring …

How Autonomous Vehicles Will Upend Transportation

Knowledge@WhartonNov. 14, 2018
Autonomous vehicle technology is advancing rapidly, and hard-core promoters contend that driverless cars could soon be the norm rather than the exception.
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Sex tourism on the road to surge with autonomous cars, study claims

Siliconrepublic.comNov. 16, 2018
A recent study claims autonomous cars will result in a new era of sex tourism, but not until around 2040. Earlier this week in the internet of things (IoT) world, …
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Good morning, Dave: Proposal would open pod bay doors for …

Deseret NewsNov. 17, 2018
“We want to make it really clear that Utah is encouraging the development, testing and operation of these autonomous vehicles,” Spendlove said. “We want to …

Self-Driving Cars May Kill That Old Real Estate Mantra Of ‘Location …

ForbesNov. 13, 2018
If they’re sufficiently affordable, autonomous ride services create the possibility for developers to locate commercial projects farther from urban centers.

Apex.AI raises $15.5 million for autonomousvehicle software

TechCrunchNov. 15, 2018
Apex.AI is emerging out of stealth today with quite the claim — an operating system for autonomous vehicles that will never fail. Founded by long-time automated …

How the EU commission got tunnel vision on self-driving cars

EUobserverNov. 15, 2018
The European Commission is asking European citizens their opinion on self-driving cars, via a public consultation. However, there is a key question that is not …

The Bumps Ahead for Autonomous Vehicles

Wall Street JournalNov. 15, 2018
Companies from Silicon Valley to Detroit are racing to become the first to bring driverless cars to the mass market. But doing so relies on autonomous vehicles‘ …

Volvo and Baidu Partner on Autonomous Cars

Wheels.caNov. 10, 2018
Volvo Cars has reached an agreement with Baidu, the leading Chinese internet search provider, to jointly develop electric and fully autonomous …

9 ways self-driving vehicles could change tourism

Big ThinkNov. 10, 2018
While experts and manufacturers often assert that self-driving vehicles will come to market by 2020, others are skeptical, as some required elements are far from …

Valeo CEO expects big gains from move to electrified, autonomous cars

Automotive News EuropeNov. 13, 2018
Valeo has kept pace as the automotive industry moves toward more electrification and autonomousdriving technology. The company, which is a leader in …

BlackBerry adds autonomous cars muscle with US$1.4 billion Cylance …

Channel NewsAsiaNov. 16, 2018
REUTERS: Canada’s BlackBerry Ltd on Friday raised its bets on the fast-growing areas of autonomous cars and artificial intelligence (AI) with the US$1.4 billion …

Who’s responsible when autonomous vehicles kill?

Plastics TodayNov. 10, 2018
In spite of evidence to the contrary, we keep being told that an onslaught of autonomous cars will be flooding the market—and the highways—in the next decade …
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Autonomous Cars Survey Matter of Life and Death

Ward’s AutoNov. 12, 2018
An extensive international survey reveals distinct global preferences concerning the ethics built into the programming for autonomous vehicles.
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Cars without drivers still need a moral compass. But what kind?

The GuardianNov. 14, 2018
That’s because of autonomous machines – in particular the driverless car, which may be on our streets within a decade or so. Imagine the car is faced with an …

Microsoft brings the autonomous vehicle simulator AirSim to Unity

MSPoweruserNov. 14, 2018
Back in 2017, Microsoft announced a new platform called AirSim by Microsoft Research designed to help drone developers easily build autonomous and robotic …

Autonomous vehicles are going to kill high-speed rail

Washington ExaminerNov. 12, 2018
It’s no great surprise someone is already predicting self-driving cars will soon be used as mobile brothels. Anyone who has ever watched any teen movie ever …

Autonomous Vehicle Stocks to Consider Now

Investorplace.comNov. 16, 2018
And what better place to be on the lookout for bargains than in autonomousvehicles? It seems that we’re just a few short years away from self-driving cars …

How should autonomous vehicles be programmed?

Engineers Journal (press release)Nov. 13, 2018
A massive new survey developed by MIT researchers reveals some distinct global preferences concerning the ethics of autonomous vehicles, as well as some …

AMA Insists That Autonomous Vehicles Must Recognize Motorcyclists

RideApartNov. 14, 2018
Like it or not, autonomous cars are hitting the road. One of their main selling points is that they will be safer than human drivers when it comes to avoiding …

Insurance Bureau Makes Autonomous Vehicle Recommendations (blog)Nov. 15, 2018
While the IBC acknowledges research suggesting autonomous cars could reduce the frequency of fatal crashes, the 15-page report addresses the fact that once …

Many adults believe fully self-driving cars are already traversing US …

Digital TrendsNov. 14, 2018
In a telephone survey of more than 1,000 adults living in the continental U.S., 40 percent said they believe that autonomous, fully self-driving cars are already …